Daryle Wieland
Black and white photo of worker.

Plyforms, Inc. was incorporated in 1974 by Daryle Wieland (right), who remains it’s President.  The company had been in operation previously as Contour Products, and before that as a part of The Wieland Furniture Company of Bay City, Michigan. 

Wieland Furniture’s founder Matthew Wieland first had the idea of molding an integral sofa seat and back combination, an idea which he developed and trademarked as “Wieland Uni-Mold” in the late 1950s.  The molding department of Wieland Furniture was eventually spun off into a separate company called Contour Products who continued to make furniture components for Wieland and other manufacturers, as well as additional products such as skateboards and rotary dieboards. 

Contour Products was dissolved in 1972, and Plyforms, Inc. began, growing into its current role as the leading molder of rotary dieboards in the United States.